Privacy Policy

This website belongs to Vega Clube (“Vega”). We believe in free online navigation and in the respect for our website users privacy. Therefore we ask you to read the following Privacy policy and Terms of service

This Privacy Policy states the principles followed by Vega Clube in handling the personal and non-personal information we get from our website users. By using our website, you agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Please note that the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Service may be changed from time to time, and is your responsibility to keep aware of the changes made.

Information stored

Vega Clube does not gather personal information through this website, thus we assume that any personal or sensitive data that we have access to was, or will be, sent though one of the contacts that are publicly available. That information maybe be used by Vega and its members, but should not be published or sent to others without an explicit request from Vega and an express consent from the person it refers to. Also, Vega Clube will use the needed personal information to reply to any enquiries or requests made from users.

With the exception of the application form, which we assume to be submitted freely and willingly. This website only gathers non-personal data, which means we cannot identify the user through this information. Among the non-personal information gathered is the estimated localization, the preferences sent by the browser, the language preferences sent by the browser or selected by the user, the pages that were visited and the origin of those visits. We may use this data to optimize this website, yet again we and to emphasize that we aren’t able to identify this website users.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files stored in your computer by the browser you use. These files allow to store some information, such as the navigation preferences and others. The cookies used by this website do not allow us to identify you and you are always able to delete them using the tools provided by your browser.

Personal information security

No personal information is given by Vega Clube to others without an explicit request from Vega Clube and an express consent from the user. We will notify the users that have provided us with personal information in case of a data security breach.

Access to Personal Information

Please note that at any time you may exercise your right of access, correction, deletion and opposition to the use of your personal data in our files, by letter accompanied by a copy of an official ID document, addressed to the email provided in this website.